Meet Omar


Omar Vasquez is a father of a smart and beautiful 13 year-old girl. He migrated here from Peru when he was sixteen years old and attended Overfelt High School and in 1999 he graduated from Independence High School. 


Though Omar came to America with a Visa, he continued to struggle while raising a family, paying rent ($800 to $1,000 per month in 1999), and finding well paying jobs. As an immigrant, it was not easy for him.  Thanks to these experinces, Omar learned about the struggles that working class individuals face and this helped shape his desire to create change. 


Five years ago, a friend asked him to co-found a community organization to tackle issues that affect people in San Jose. He didn't hesitate to say yes. He knew what he went through, and he is willing to work hard so others aren't faced with similar struggles. In 2013, when LUNA (Latinos United For a New America) was created.  Omar served as President of the Executive Board for two years and spent 16 months as a Community Organizer along-side San Jose residents.  Since then, he's been working as a volunteer and striving to make a positive change in San Jose.


Omar is aware of the need for a change, this is why he wants to represent you at City Hall.